It's About That.


Who I Am

Hi! I'm Sarah. I am a twenty-something girl living, creating, and working in southern California. I love to laugh and to make others laugh (or, at least, to attempt to), and consider myself to be extraordinarily lucky to have wonderful friends and family that know just how to crack me up. I share a lovely dwelling with my very awesome other half, L, who is just as offbeat and quirky as I am. We have a very sweet rat named Nona, who loves being the center of attention and hates corn.

What I Do

In my free time, I love to bake, craft, exercise, and relax with L. My baking endeavors tend to stay on the sweeter side of life, meaning that my house is never without some type of cookie, cake, bar, pie, and or other freshly-baked confection. I'll find any excuse that I can to bake for others, since there's (sadly) only so much that L and I can eat on our own. I spend most of my creative time in my craft room - a great space that is filled to the brim with sewing machines, sergers, papers, paints, canvases, and all sorts of other supplies - making handmade cards for loved ones, covering canvases in paint, and stitching together the occasional garment or accessory. Yoga (and fitness in general) has recently become a big part of my life, so I can often be found sprawled out on my mat or taking walks around the nearby lake with L. I also enjoy watching movies, reading comic books, and generally geeking out.

I have nearly ten years of experience in art-related business, including website and blog design, marketing, copywriting, and graphic design. I regularly work with artists as a consultant, developing tailored solutions to help them to grow, maintain, and streamline their art businesses. From giving your blog a fresh, new look to designing creative business cards to developing original products to marketing your work (and yourself), I can make it happen. If you are interested in learning more about my consulting services and what I can provide, please visit my Consulting page. You are also welcome to contact me directly with any questions.

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